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Digital Marketing and Influencers

Influencers have started to play an important role in marketing communications. Realizing the importance of this, brands have started to incorporate Influencers into their annual marketing plans. And, they’re not wrong in doing so as interactions with ınternet-famous people make it easier to reach greater masses then the use of personal communications strategies.

So who are these internet-famous peoples?

These internet-famous people carry out work in various sectors such as clothing, technology, makeup, cosmetics…etc. These Influencers with a high number of followers have the potential to reach great masses. Those especially who deal with travel and cosmetics have begun to reach a wide audience. A YouTube video or travel blog created by an Influencer can easily achieve a good spread. Moreover the content doesn’t necessarily need to be related to travel. A cosmetics YouTuber could possibly prepare a video related to cars and could still achieve great interaction just like cosmetic videos. As a result of this, internet-famous people have become irreplaceable marketing methods for brands.

Influencer’s Marketing’s Power

One of the reasons Influencer’s have become important is the fact that people give importance to people’s real experiences while using products. Doing research on the internet and finding out about other people’s experiences is a priority before purchasing a product. Another person’s ideas about a product can influence us while making a decision whether to buy or not. For example, someone else’s recommendation regarding their vacation may determine whether we choose to stay at that holiday resort or not. A travel blog or Instagram account can be a tool to reach people who love to travel. While messages send directly from the business itself may not be of any interest, suggestions made by a trusted ınternet-famous people can create positive thoughts. In today’s world where people can easily reach all sorts of information, an Influencer has rapidly become an important factor. Instead of reaching masses by buying advertisements, brands prefer to use Influencers. As Influencers have become a trend all over the world, relevant events are being organized. One of these digital marketing events will be held by Inflow Travel Summit at the Swiss Hotel on November 24th – 25th. This event will bring together enthusiasts from all around the world.

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