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Hit The Sales With Influencer Marketing

The social media is spreading all over the world. While social media industry is shifting traditional technological habits, all brands are changing their marketing trends. According to the latest marketing results, after 2015, influencer marketing  jumped. So, this the newest and most important marketing strategy become a tool of brand’s projects.

Especially, global travel agencies have started to use influencers on social media for their customers on the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest etc. Their new strategies have played a significant role on their sales and attracted the followers’ interest so far.

Micro travel influencers are taking their cameras or phones and travelling all around the world. Their destinations, holiday making, and discovering interesting cultures can be seen on their social media networks. These blogger’s, vlogger’s or instagramers’ contents are amazing people and affecting their travel decisions.

While influencers’ followers are increasing, global travel agencies have started to collabrate with them. Many projects have been produced and thousands of experiences shared with people from all around the world. For instance,  Yasmin – a Brittish travel writer-  is one of the most famous luxury travel writer on the social media. She is working with a large number of travel brands and influence the people. In addition to this, Scott is also one of the top 10 influencers. He has over 665,000 followers on Twitter. While he is focusing on his own followers, he also cooperated with a brand and drove supercars in Park City, Utah, and he influenced large amounts on the real traffic as well. Now, he is one of the top traffic earners among the travel influencers on social media marketing.  While we are talking about global agencies, of course I should also give an example from one of the most significant global airline companies, Turkish Airlines. This company is a good example, which can do successful projects about influencer marketing. Famous Instagramer Noha’s single post was liked 52.9K times. Her announcement of Turkish Airline’s competition took 17.862 comments and was liked 38.3K times. After the project, Turkish Airlines’ Instagram followers increased 10K in a week.

All in all, of course you should know the keys of influencer marketing. Influencer network is not the sole formula. Right influencer match and creativity can help to produce the gold contents and interaction. If you know your target audience and keep your agencies’ promises with codes of conducts, match with the right travel influencer, then you can easily hit the sales!

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