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Live Streaming: Loving It or Enough of It?

With the  lockdown due to COVID-19 continuing, popularity of social media platforms keeps changing every other day. Even though Netflix and other streaming services have benefited the most during the quarantine, there are some platforms or rather features of already existing platforms benefiting from staying home. One of them being the live streaming feature of various channels like Instagram, Twitch etc. According to the latest State of the Stream report from Stream Elements and, the live streaming sector grew a full 45% during the lockdown, which also resulted in the 4 billion hours being watched on various channels, Twitch & Youtube being the most watched 2 outlets. Even in China where the novel coronavirus hit first, live-streaming got to a point that e-commerce revenue is expected rise to $135M. 


Influencers are known for their practical & fast correspondence to crisis, and being able to making the best out of a situation. So it wasn’t a surprise for these social media experts to find a way to stay connected to their audience. One of many ways that they found was live streaming from their homes during the day for various reasons like working out, cooking, or just plain old chatting. Some fitness influencers even create live-streaming programs for working out together, so dieticians & gyms don’t overcrowd when this is all over. There are live cooking shows, and even makeup tutorials going on with makeup artists, who then reshare their audience’s re-creations of such makeup which in turn encourages people to follow them even more because they have a chance to be promoted.


But influencers aren’t the only ones using live streaming to preserve their popularity. Celebrities, singers, actors all join the live-streaming trend to interact with their followers, and somehow give the message that “Everything is going to be alright.” There are various concerts, festivals going online as well as singers tuning into Instagram at a certain time to sing for their audiences. Even though there have been some backlash regarding the live-streaming of these celebrities singing with a pollyanna attitude, check out the backlash Gal Gadot and many more celebrities received because they were singing John Lennon’s Imagine on social media, the overall reaction was positive. 


Have you seen any influencer or celebrity go live during this lockdown? What do you think about it? Do you consider this trend to be helping people stay sane or do you think it’s a bit selfish for these people to still promote themselves in a pandemic like this? Let us know on our social media!

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