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One of the Major Power of the New Marketing Generation: Influencer Marketing

As the world keeps changing with each new innovation, the main expectation from the marketing should not be stable neither. This view navigate us through to discover the new dimensions of marketing, which is no longer educated as conventional. This innovative approach for our century call the Digital Marketing, basically products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium , the latest weapon of brands to create a difference into the market. But every weapon has the most powerful bullet inside; thank what would it be for the Digital Marketing? Certainly the Influencer Marketing.

Based on personal experiences, the power of the being more social and effective in Social Media, the Influencer Marketing is a form of marketing focusing is placed on specific key individuals (or groups) rather than the target market as a whole to make oriented marketing activities around these influencers .

So, why this kind of activity is always better than any other Marketing tool -well, this appeal is still under discussion-? Because, it’s totally convictive among the target public. Imagine that you’re launching a new product or/and service to be presented to a new target that you’ve been not working since the very beginning, what would be the easiest way?

1- Creating a team of research to bring all potential buyers and target one-by-one and practice the old fashion marketing necessities at least to try to push them to realise the purchase.

2- Find a Social Media pioneer who is perfectly suitable with your brand and let him/her to help solve the rest.

Well, it’s not alway too easy the second option neither; but in any case returns would be much more concrete and in an instant. Of course, by the way, this practice has also it’s own rules to be considered. How we just say; the most efficient is the most risky way to follow.

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