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Rise of Micro Influencers

The concept of ‘big’ isn’t always better regarding influencers. Nowadays, micro-influencers are creating a big impact. As it turns out, brands are in search of the power of micro-
influencers, in other words, influencers who have less than 100.000 followers but high engagement rate. Actually, they can be described as people who focus more on the content
than building thousands of follower base. Hence, they are crucial to the marketing world. Most brands anticipate that micro-influencers can help them tap in social crowds by
influencing the audience’s decision making processes.

The main reason why brands are now more eager to seek to work with Micro Influencers is a basic communication formula: The greater audience influencer addresses, the less
probability of passing the real message. However, if influencer addresses to a smaller audience, it enables her to know her audience better. This helps micro influencer to have
better engagement rate which also leads them to engage and interact with their followers more frequently, genuinely and definitely transparently. Also, their content is viewed as more original, authentic and persuasive. Meanwhile, mega influencers or celebrities who have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers can make a negative impact on brands especially for three reasons:


1. They aren’t always interactive with their audiences. Apparently, they have no time to deal with them.

2. Because it is harder to manage a larger audience, the risk ratio is bigger.

3. They always seem less accessible. That’s why engagement rates are slightly low compared to micro influencers.

In a nutshell, micro-influencers are more aware of their circle, audience, and power. Also, they’re certainly more affordable than a celebrity, mega influencer or a brand ambassador. Finally, their followers are more likely to trust their advice, suggestions, and choices. And the influencer is also deeply connected to them because they managed to create a trust relationship. There is also one important advantage that micro influencers are more knowledgeable about their niche audience. So, it leads to an increase in the reach of the brand’s campaign.


However, we need to emphasize on something: Defining Micro Influencers as better than macro ones would be a mistake. It is always up to the brand and the marketing strategy that we will carry on. Sometimes, micro influencers can be your go-to solution if you mainly target niche audiences. Yet, if you are working on a mass launch campaign you should definitely consider working with macro influencers to reach a greater audience.

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