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Gaziantep Mayor - Former Family & Social Policy

Fatma Şahin .

In our day, personal and institutional brands are reaching out to billions of people around the world by using social media properly through influencer marketing. INFLOW Global Summit ‘17 was an effective event that social media influencers from various countries attended, and millions of people watched the shared posts. I found it very pleasant and efficient to attend to this event.

General Director of Promotion - Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey

İrfan Önal .

Almost all consumers trust influencers more than conventional channels according to the studies, which shows the power of influencers to reach audiences. INFLOW has a critical role in digital marketing project as it brings together influencers and sector professionals together in meetings for partnerships. INFLOW is the connecting dot of the triangle in digital marketing sector.

Senior Vice President, Sales – Turkish Airlines

Ahmet Harun Baştürk .

Realized for the second time this year, INFLOW Global Summit has been completed with success once more as the last year’s event. As a global brand that has succeeded in many projects in content marketing, coming together with influencers that shape the sector with the followers they have and having the opportunity to promote our brand and country in the best way possible were quite pleasing.

Marketing Executive Vice President – Turkcell

İsmail Bütün .

INFLOW Global Summit 2017 was a solid event with both content and quality. INFLOW team has created an efficient space for business partnerships by successfully bringing together influencers that influence millions from all around the world. They are also contributing heavily on the positive perception of Istanbul and Turkey.

President - TURSAB

Başaran Ulusoy .

Congratulations to INFLOW team for bringing together key speakers in digital media at INFLOW Global Summit 2017. Digital marketing is now the first way to reach to customers & get feedbacks in marketing sector, and it’ll keep growing for sure. INFLOW is a powerful brand that brings those in sector under one roof successfully. Thank you for your contribution in promoting our country.

President - TUROB

Timur Bayındır .

INFLOW Summits 2017 was created in a professional way that aims to gain vision. At INFLOW, content creators who shape the travel preferences of millions came together with sector professionals of digital world at the same platform in Istanbul while INFLOW took on a responsibility of promoting our country. We sincerely congratulate the INFLOW as Hotel Association of Turkey.

General Manager Ritz Carlton Istanbul

Nicolas Kipper .

We all need to keep up with world turning into digital as the new age is born right into the hands of it. As The Ritz Carlton, İstanbul we believe the importance of using the new technologies to enhance our service standards. INFLOW has increased our knowledge in digitalization, and supported our goals to meet with the new clienteles’ needs.

Chairman of the Board of Argos & Gestin Group

Gökşin Ilıcalı .

INFLOW team does a visionary work by successfully bringing together people that are experts in their field, and plan and realize the organization to the smallest detail perfectly. INFLOW Summits has become a powerful brand in influencer marketing world in a short time. It is taking firm steps forward to write a victorious story, especially in the context of destination communication & promotion.

General Manager - St Regis

Alper Can Bulcum .

INFLOW’s choices to create the event flow flawlessly with perfect hospitality while informing the audience on digital media made us very proud on behalf of our country. The event provided opportunities for all attendees, and realizing a social responsibility project alongside showed how brands can make a difference through social media. Thank you to whole INFLOW Team.

Veneto Tourism Office

Ornella Naccari .

INFLOW’17 was a great event that was professionally organized to meet influencers and sector professionals of digital media. It was innovative with the INFLOW Bridge system, and full of impressive and informative panels & keynotes. We were able to introduce ourselves to people from all around the world. It was a unique opportunity for us.