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Why & How: Going Digital

Let’s start this article with a well-known fact: Everything is being digitalized; your bank account, grocery shopping, paying the bills, communication. It’s inevitable that at some point everything will be digital, and the sooner you transform your company to digital, the better.


Why is the world going digital you may ask yourself. There are various reasons, but one of them is that younger generations watch less TV, which means that putting advertisements in the middle of a TV program is unlikely to reach this target audience. Another reason might be that people can find what they are looking for much more easily through Internet. Let’s imagine you’re watching a TV series on television, waiting for an episode every week, but you could have the whole show in your hands if you had Netflix. Which one would you choose? Probably Netflix. The list goes on forever, and you can find a new reason to go digital every other day. But now let’s discuss how your company can go digital, and how you can succeed among your rivals in digital marketing. 


First thing to do on the way to succeeding at digital marketing is to find a good agency that would support your company’s philosophy of social media. Founding an digital marketing agency is like the new cupcake or cookie store craze, everybody wants to own one, but not all of them survives the competition. It is not possible to give a number as to how many social media marketing agencies there are in the world, but it is probably a lot more than you think. This is why it is hard to choose the best one for you, because you have way too many options. So step one of choosing an agency is to do your research right, or you’ll be wasting your money & time, and most importantly resources.


Then how do you find the best agencies? There are various articles on the internet about best agencies in a certain area, or on an overall global scale. One thing to look for in these articles is that they are not sponsored by any agency placed within or you might be misled. Also check the date of the articles, the best agency of this year might not make it to the Top 10 next year. 


Have you found a few names that are common in these list? If so, the next step is to check the previous works. Did this agency work with a brand in your sector? Have they achieved an award for their works? Are the quality of the work they created meet your demands? These are all crucial questions to finding your agency. These will also give you an idea of what area of marketing the agency is good in, so that you can see if they are who you are looking for. 


Let’s say you have found your finalists. Here is one criteria that you shouldn’t ignore: the social media accounts of the agency. As an digital marketing agency, you should prefer an agency that applies their advices to themselves, right? So an agency with a social media profile of a few followers and zero posts doesn’t really sound right. 


Whatever you do, don’t forget: Your social media is the one thing that’ll drive your future consumers towards you. So choose your agency wisely, and start benefiting from the digital world we live in. Let us know your thought on our social media!

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