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You Need An Influencer

“Never underestimate the influence you have on others.”Laurie Buchanan

Since the beginning of history, people need to follow somebody to make more clear decisions. This “somebody” usually has some qualities different from others, such as being creative, attractive, cunning and/or wise.  Yet, after a lot of centuries, these qualifications have changed but for one characteristic: leadership.

Thanks to today’s technology, we can connect with millions of people by using the computers, smartphones, and social media accounts in seconds. So, these quick tools changed our habits. For instance, when somebody wonders about anything, first thing they do is to check it on Google. Even health or medical problems are immediately get an internet search after the first symptoms. The Internet-famous people are rising day by day, as people have started to follow them on Instagram, YouTube, or blogs. Moreover, people have also started to follow these famous people’s advises and got influenced from their photos and creative contents. At that point, of course, the environment of advertising and marketing take advantage of that situation. Especially, AdBlock programs, digital marketing dynamics, and competitive marketing let the brands collaborate with Internet-famous people and in 2016, influencer marketing has become the newest marketing trend. Hence, today’s technology not only simplified previously hard questions, but also started to affect our perceptions dramatically due to the increasing number of influencers and the people who are seeking desperately for their advices. These new type of “leaders” became the modern shepherds of the masses, and their ability to lead has changed the whole game.

This baby trend plays a colossal role in people’s life. As I said in the beginning, we try to find answers to our questions mostly by Googling. However, if the subject is “holiday”, the comments on the Internet becomes more and more significant for everybody since -obviously- holiday is super-important! Holidays are short, and during this short period people want to have fun, learn more, and travel a lot so it is the magical, golden, or however you put it, days of their whole hard-working year.  When they check their Instagram account in those working hours, they can see a photo of a wonderful view from an Instagramer’s page. Then, they can read the comments and decide quickly to visit that place during their holiday. It’s actually that simple nowadays! New advertising trends are are easily differentiated from the old fashioned ones. Real people and their experiences, easy search tools, assuring comments are far more effective than traditional travel advertisement.

If you recreate your travel brand, you can collaborate with influencers and with their niche followers (who are looking for great advises to follow), you can raise your sales like magic. By this way, you can also influence the other people, who do not think to purchase your services. Furthermore, you should be careful while you are choosing your influencer who will lead your campaign, because the Instagramer’s or YouTuber’s failure directly reflects to your brand.  If you really want to know how to direct your influencer marketing project and how to choose the best phenomenon for your travel agency, during the summit you can learn crackerjack speaker’s magic in the perfect atmosphere. Then, just watch your ROI, it’s time for your business!

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